Car Pooling

Guidelines for Cost-Sharing

It is expected that passengers and drivers contribute to marginal vehicle-running costs when travelling to ski resorts and related accommodation.

Marginal costs include fuel, oil, servicing, etc, but exclude capital costs, depreciation, registration and insurance.

These rates are revised annually to take into account rising petrol costs.

Cars are classified by size, and thus by their approximate running costs (cents per km):
Column A: Less than 1950 cc, eg. Astra, Echo, Laser
Column B: Subaru, Commodore, Falcon, small 4wd
Column C: Large 4WD, eg. Land Cruiser, Patrol, Pajero

See 'Crosswords' for full calculations for the various destinations, and number of persons on board.

Here is a pdf copy of the Car Cost Sharing Guidelines.

Resort Entry Fees

In addition, all occupants should pay a share of the day-entry fee to the resort - whether or not a season ticket is owned - and a share of chain hire (if required).